Terrorist ‘Accidentally Kills Himself’ Making Large Bomb In Barcelona

by : UNILAD on : 17 Aug 2017 23:26

An explosion which took place at a house in Catalonia yesterday, killing one person, is being treated as linked to the barbarous attack in Barcelona this afternoon.


It is believed that the explosion, which completely destroyed the house in which it occurred, was caused by butane gas – however the level of gas found was far too much for normal use.

Police believe that those in the house were attempting to create a large bomb to be used in an attack, most probably the attacks which took place this afternoon.

Security analyst Aldin Abazovic said on Twitter:


Two rented vans plus this amount of gas bottles, result is a two solid SVBIEDs [Suicide Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device].

The explosion injured seven other people including police officers and firefighters.

Apparently there were around 20 bottles of butane gas found in the ruins of the house.

As I’m sure by now you all know, shortly after 17:30pm local time, a white Mercedes van, reportedly travelled for over 100 meters along the pavement in the Las Ramblas district of Barcelona.


Shockingly the van, which ploughed into pedestrians, killed 13 people in the attack and injured 50 others.

So far two men have been arrested while another was shot dead after a short shootout with police.

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