Terrorist’s Chilling Final Words To Hotel Staff Before Westminster Attack


The Met Police announced the name of a terrorist whose brutal attack killed four innocent people in London on Wednesday: Khalid Masood.

The 53-year-old, who was born Adrian Elms in Kent, killed and maimed at least 40 civilians when he rampaged over Westminster Bridge in a rented 4×4 and fatally stabbed PC Palmer outside Parliament.

The night before his attack, he stayed in a hotel in Brighton. Here, he told staff ‘London is not like it used to be’, reports the Mirror.


Masood stayed in room 228 at the £59-a-night Preston Park Hotel, where staff described him as a ‘nice’ man.

A source from the hotel said:

No one knows why he came. He used a credit card with the name Masood to check in on Tuesday at 11.30am. Police traced him to the hotel because he got a receipt and left it in the car.

It was definitely the car he used in the attack because that was parked in the car park when he stayed here. It was a hire car.


The source described the violent criminal, saying:

He was very English but mixed race with a big beard. He said he lived above a guitar shop in Birmingham but he’s not originally from the Midlands and had a London accent.

But he said London wasn’t like what it used to be. Police told us later it was definitely the Westminster attacker.


The Sun reported Masood’s comments just as it was sadly announced that a 75-year-old man had become the fourth victim to die following the terror attack.

Masood, who was shot dead by police, after he injured at least forty people – and murdered PC Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran and an unidentified man in cold blood.

The best thing we could do to honour their memory is find a way to end to the radicalisation of criminals by right-wing extremist groups.