Terry Crews Responds Perfectly To 50 Cent Mocking His Sexual Assault Allegations

Terry Crews speaks about alleged assaultCSPAN

Terry Crews came out as the bigger man after 50 Cent posted a photo to Instagram, mocking Crews for being a victim of alleged sexual assault. 

The rapper posted the photo after Terry Crews spoke about being a victim of sexual assault, and received heavy backlash for his actions. He has since deleted the photo.

Crews is a proud feminist and supporter of the #MeToo movement, and he spoke recently about why he did not fight back against the man he accused of sexually assaulting him.

50 Cent Instagram50 Cent/Instagram

Speaking in front of the US Senate committee, Crews testified in favour of a proposed legislation known as the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights.

The actor, known for his roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and White Chicks, spoke about his attack.

He said:

The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand, was that he held the power. That he was in control.

This is how toxic masculinity permeates culture.

Crews was asked by senator Dianne Feinstein why, as a ‘big, powerful man’, he did not try to fight back against his attacker, and Crews explained that while his initial response was to become violent, he held back.


Many people supported Crews for discussing his ordeal, but rapper 50 Cent took to social media to mock the actor.

50 Cent posted two photos of Crews, one of him shirtless, reading ‘I got raped, my wife just watched’, and the other showing Crews with a rose in his mouth, reading ‘Gym time’.

The rapper captioned the photo: 

LOL what the f**k is going on out here man? Terry: I froze in fear… they would have had to take me to jail. Get the strap.

TMZ interviewed Crews after 50 cent had posted the photo, asking the actor what he thought of the comments. Crews responded perfectly, taking the high road and proving himself to be the bigger man.

He said:

I love 50 Cent, I listen to his music when I’m working out.

Crews added that his experience helps to prove that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, saying:

I prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault.

Comments filled 50 Cent’s Instagram post, criticising the rapper for his actions and calling him ‘disgusting’.

Other supporters of Crews explained the damaging effects of photos like the one 50 posted, emphasising that mocking people who speak out like Crews did makes other victims feel they can’t tell their stories.

The tweet read:

s**t like this is the reason men don’t come forward as victims of sexual assault often. 50 Cent is publicly mocking Terry Crews, allowing Russell Simmons (friends with Crews’ abuser who tried to get him to drop the charges) to openly laugh at him.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence contact the Rape Crisis England and Wales helpline on 0808 802 9999 (12-2:30 and 7-9:30). They also offer a victim support line on 0808 168 9111.

Male Survivors Partnership is available to support adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape. You can contact the organisation on its website or on its helpline – 0808 800 5005.