Tesco Customer Breaks Down After Discovery In Pasta

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Emma O'Brien

We all love a good bargain and when you get something extra for free it’s normally a pretty good thing. Try telling that to Emma O’Brien.


Emma, who has just got married, headed to her local Tesco, in Lanarkshire, Scotland, and picked up a 70p pack of spiral pasta. What she discovered when she opened it caused Emma to break down in tears and feel beyond nauseous.

So what was it? A mouse. Not only a mouse but a dead mouse which had been rotting in the pasta for months before Emma got her unfortunate hands on it, reports the Sun.

Emma O'Brien

Speaking to the Sun, Emma explained in graphic detail:


I burst out crying when I saw the mouse. The smell was horrendous, I’ve never smelled anything like it before. You could tell it was death.

The runaway mouse had been rotting in the packet for two months before Emma opened it to make some tuna pasta.

She added:

I was getting ready for a picnic and was going to make up some tuna pasta.

I emptied the pasta into a pot and turned away for some water. But I knew something wasn’t right. I thought it was just fluff or mould at first, and then I saw the tail. I was in the house myself so I panicked.

When my husband got home I was crying in the living room shouting ‘mouse’. I covered the pot and took it straight back to Tesco.

They took it off me and said it would be put in a freezer until it was sent away. I was horrified.

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Not only did Emma find the entire thing truly scarring, she also believes it’s put her off pasta for life, claiming not to have eaten it since – stating that even the thought of it makes her sick.

Only yesterday Emma received a letter from one of the bosses at Tesco explaining that the pasta in question was produced abroad back in July.

Sickeningly, the letter also hinted that the rodent had been placed in the packet deliberately by Emma or an accomplice, however she is fuming that she’s being labelled as a liar.

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She said:

The letter came through yesterday. As soon as I got it I was speechless. I don’t understand why they think I would deliberately do something like that.

As if I just have mice lying around I can throw in a pasta box. It’s ridiculous. It could easily have been put there by someone at the factory in Italy.

Can’t say I’ll be eating pasta for a while.

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