Tesco Drops Annoying ‘Unexpected Item In Bagging Area’ Phrase At Self-Checkout


“Unexpected item in bagging area,” says the smooth robotic voice of the self-checkout, again, as you fly into a rage, smashing the machine into a million pieces with a particularly stale piece of French bread.

Does this scene seem familiar? Do you often find yourself destroying machines with stale bread? Well, fear not, self-checkout rage might soon be a thing of the past.

Sort of.

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Tesco have announced they will be dropping the phrase ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ from their self-service machines, delighting thousands of pissed off shoppers, who in fact have only placed ‘expected’ items in the bagging area.

They’ve also decided to make the automated voice a bit friendlier, with some customers reportedly finding the current one shouty and irritating.

Here’s a sample of the new voices, in case for some reason you’re really interested in that kind of stuff:

There are worse self-service checkouts than Tesco’s, though, with a special shout out going to the useless machines at Morrisons, and the retro Windows 98 style failures at the Co-op.