Tesco Have Been Forced To Put Security Tags On Carrier Bags Because Of Thefts

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2015 15:45

Apparently the new 5p carrier bag charge in the UK is continuing to cause utter chaos, as at least one Tesco store has resorted to slapping security tags on bags because people have been stealing them.


The tags were spotted attached to some 10p bags for life near the self-service machines at the Surrey Quays supermarket store in south-east London.

Customer Peter Young was pretty shocked when he spotted the tags and uploaded the photo to Twitter, asking Tesco what in the blue hell was going on and why the anti-theft devices had been fitted to the plastic bags.

And, to be fair, the answer was pretty straightforward – Tesco replied saying the security devices had been implemented to protect the bags from “thefts” following the implementation of the 5p scheme.


Speaking to the Daily Mail, Peter said:

I couldn’t believe it when I got to the self-service counter and saw the bags with tags on. I thought at first it might be a joke but then when Tesco confirmed it was due to thefts I was gobsmacked.

The supermarket chain has since admitted the tags were a “mistake”, in the face of the absolute fury some people in England continue to feel about having to cough up an entire five pennies just because something might actually help the environment. It’s madness, we tell you!

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