Tesco Selling Xbox Live And PlayStation Plus Memberships Insanely Cheap


Let’s be honest for a second, shall we? Most people play Call of Duty games for the single-player campaign.

They might be fun to play through and at time utterly enthralling, as proven by Call Of Duty: WWII, but the reality is people only ever buy these games to play online.

However, despite being the main reason, paying or an online subscription for PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live membership isn’t cheap. Which is why supermarket retail giant Tesco have been selling them on the cheap this week.

If there’s one thing gamers love more than crushing their opponents and feeling superior and entitled towards their beaten foes it’s a good old bargain. Which is why many will be delighted to find that they can buy a year’s worth of membership for the affordable price of £20.

PlayStation Plus members usually have to fork out £38 – £45 for a subscription, but thanks to some eagle-eyed bargain hunters at HotUKDeal they’ve discovered that Tesco are selling them at knock-off prices.

Normally £20 will grant PS Plus members three months’ worth of subscription, which you can buy from Currys and the PlayStation Store, however Tesco’s knock-off deal is an absolute money saver which will grant you at least 12 months of online fun.

It appears the deal is only available via the store too as both Tesco online and the PS Store are still selling its one-year subscription at £39.99.

And if you happen to be purchasing something else in-store it appears there is a £5 – £10 (and in some cases £20) discount on membership when you spend a certain amount on selected electricals.

While price tags state the memberships are reduced to clear, it’s unclear why they’re being discontinued.

Xbox loyalists haven’t been forgotten either, as Tesco have reduced Xbox Live memberships to £19.99 too. However, just like the PS Plus memberships, the deal is only available exclusively in-store.

If there isn’t a local Tesco near where you live (I can only assume you live in somewhere so rural it’s akin to the Rocky Mountains) you can still get cheap PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games and accessories from Amazon who are doing money off codes for select products from their video games section.

For example, a brand new official Xbox One Wireless control pad, which usually starts from £49.99, will cost you only £37.99 if you use the codes.

Discounts include:

Save £5 when you spend £35 or more on Video Games selection with code VG5OFF35 at checkout

Save £10 when you spend £75 or more on Video Games selection with code VG10OFF75 at checkout

Save £20 when you spend £150 or more on Video Games selection with code VG20OFF150 at checkout


According to HotUKDeals members, the money off codes will only work up until 23.59 on February 15 and will come with a delivery for all purchases made. Furthermore, if you’re getting charged £2.49 or £2.99 for it to be posted, all you have to do is simply change the delivery option to free standard delivery at checkout.

If any ladies out there are struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their gaming-significant other then these money off deals are for you.