TfL Reveal A Secret Geographically Accurate Tube And Rail Map For London


A secret map of the London underground’s rail and tube networks has been revealed by Transport for London (TfL).

Said map was previously kept a close guarded secret by TfL, in fact, it was only released following a Freedom of Information request.

The full map and request can be found here in case anyone was curious.


The new map was updated in May 2014, and now shows urban areas on the outskirts of London, and was originally created for planning and engineering purposes.

Here was what the original map of the underground, created in 1933 by Harry Beck, looked like:


The new map is now on the TfL website, while a user friendly one is being created.

So now, you won’t have to get lost or wander around waiting for someone who looks half approachable to ask directions from – because let’s face it, in London you’d be hard pressed to find anyone like that anyway.