TGFBro YouTubers Bury Themselves Alive And Livestream It


West Midlands daredevils TGFBro are live streaming themselves buried alive in a shocking and potentially life-threatening stunt.

For most people, being buried alive for 24 hours would be the ultimate nightmare but for Jay Swingler and Romell Henry, this is just another day in the life. From taking fidget spinners to the face to cooking whilst blindfolded, it seems that there is nothing that these guys wouldn’t do.

The daring duo, who run the popular YouTube channel TGFBro, are familiar with all things strange and dangerous. Almost 2.6 million people have subscribed to their channel where new stunts and challenges videos are uploaded every five days.

Previous stunts have included spending 24 hours in a freezer, bathing in nettles and creating the worlds biggest hot chocolate in wheelie bin. However, have the boys gone a tad too far this time?

Digging my own grave

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From 8pm Thursday to 8pm this evening, the pair will be buried in a DIY double coffin in a grave that they have dug themselves. We all have friends that we are inseparable from, but to be buried alive together under piles of soil sounds way too close for comfort.

To make matters even more nail biting, the pair are live streaming the morbid before tens of thousands of loyal followers, some of who are donating money to the channel whilst they watch.

This basically means that if anything goes wrong, this will be broadcast for all the internet to see…

You can watch Jimmy and Romell building their own coffin in the following shudder inducing clip:

So far, some various grim updates are being broadcast from the coffin, including Jay drinking his own urine and Rommel getting cramp in his right butt cheek.

The TGFbro team have assured followers that they have enough oxygen, food and drink to last the duration, but this hasn’t stopped fans worrying that the two friends are risking their own lives in pursuit of likes and shares.

In order to ensure that they are safe as possible, the lads will have needed to ensure that they have considered the weight of the dirt piled over the coffin as well as the exact amount of oxygen that they will need to survive.

In a Facebook status announcing the stunt, Jay admitted that this is their ‘most dramatic/scariest stunt’ yet.

Jay also stated that ‘claustrophobia will probably be playing the biggest part of this challenge, especially being buried in a coffin underground’.

Lets just hope that their nerves can hold…

You can follow the lads’ progress through watching the following live stream:

Best of luck Jay and Rommell. Rather you than us!

Seriously UNILAD readers, do not try this at home!