The ‘Action Putin’ 2018 Calendar Is Out In Time For Xmas

by : UNILAD on : 26 Nov 2017 15:28

Russia have released the official Vladimir Putin 2018 calendar and it goes off to be fair.

It shows the leader hugging leopards, cruising around on Harley’s and taking judo masters to task, Vlad’ style.


Over here in the UK, the only thing we’re wishing for this Christmas is the iPhone X or the latest fidget spinner, not a calendar of Theresa May.


Yet in Russia, Putin is alpha. He’s top dog. Sometimes he cuddles kittens in front of the press, other times he’s shooting bears in the face, topless – it’s just how Vlad rolls.

The eBay listing claims to have sold 63 copies in under 24 hours.


You can buy the calendar for £15.99, which although not a steal, is probably worth it to begin each month of 2018 with a picture of Vlad catching fish, or Vlad yukking it up at an ice-hockey game.


One question remains though, will we have a 2019 edition,… If Vlad has anything to do with it and judging by recent news….yes!

It seems Vlad is quite tired of life in politics, with reports saying he’s considering pulling out of the presidential elections in March.


There has been ‘mounting’ talk the Russian leader has had it up to *here* with life in the spotlight and would sooner spend his days riding bareback than mixing with the likes of Donald Trump.


The 65-year-old first took power in 2000 and has won a further three elections, standing aside for four years in 2008.

Experts say the country is preparing for life after Putin.


Former Kremlin advisor and head of the Effective Politics Foundation, Gleb Pavlosky, told The Independent the regime was entering a ‘terminal’ phase.


He said:

Whichever way you play it, this campaign is about transitioning to a post-Putin Russia.


It’s thought if Vlad decides to step away from politics he’ll be able to get his hands on a net worth, some people are speculating to be almost £160bn.

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  1. The Independent

    'There can be no second Putin': Russia looks to prospect of future without Vladimir as sources say he has considered quitting