The Best Pig-Related Signs At The Anti-Tory Protests In Manchester


Thousands of people have taken over Manchester city centre to protest the Conservative Party conference in the city and, for some reason, there are a heck of a lot of pig themed signs, masks and effigies at the event. We can’t think why…

The city has been brought to something of a standstill by the sheer volume of the anti-Tory demonstrators, estimated at around 80,000.

The activists have gathered to make their voices heard about issues of austerity, proposed amendments to junior doctors’ contracts, welfare reform, the trade union bill, and many more courtesy of those swines in the UK government.

The protests have been mostly peaceful and good natured, although a couple of arrests have been made.

But, the real story here, is just how many signs of the porcine variety have been hogging the spotlight at the protests, following the allegations in a new unauthorised biography that the UK Prime Minister once put a certain part of his anatomy in the mouth of a dead pig.

Some even made it onto camera during BBC reports from the event…

The Conservative conference is under way, with 12,000 delegates expected to attend over the four days. However, they can expect to be greeted by hordes of protesters for the remainder of their stay in Manchester. And subjected to many more pig jokes!