The Best Things One Person Ruined For The Rest Of Us


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Sometimes all it takes is one utter fuckhead to ruin a good thing for everyone else. People have been sharing such instances they’ve personally lived through.  

There’s a lot of frustration going on in this conversation. And you know what? Fair enough.

Some things you don’t have to get over.

Some things you should stay angry about and never forgive.

It sounds mentally unhealthy of me to say that, but meh, you don’t have to mull over the angry thing everyday, just let it live within in you, acknowledged, while you do other stuff.

Some of the stuff people share even makes me cranky for them.

Who ruins pumpkin cannons!? That’s the coolest thing ever. 

Anger rising!

ride tortoise

Fucking hell, David. How do you get Pokemon cards banned?  pokemon cards True. I’ve been pretty pissed off at Bill about that.


Who murders people!? We have to stop that shit.


What about you guys?

Have you had something great ruined for you personally (or broadly in society) by one selfish idiot?

Check out the whole reddit conversation here if you like.