The BFG Fights Giants In New Dark Trailer For Spielberg’s Latest Film


After getting a hearty response from the film lovers over at Cannes, Steven Spielberg has released a new trailer for his family friendly feature The BFG.

The film is, of course, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s wonderful children’s book of the same name, and tells the story of Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) a little girl who befriends a friendly giant named the BFG (Mark Rylance).

The_BFG_and_Woody_Allen_headline_Cannes_2016_film_festival_line_upWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The pair then set out to capture the evil, man-eating giants who’ve been causing trouble in the human world.

While the last trailers have focused on the whimsy and grand adventure of the story, this particular teaser definitely shows that Spielberg pulls no punches when it comes to showing kids the dark side of Dahl’s imagination.

BFG-xlargeWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

For this teaser, we’re swept off to the world of giants and it seems that, while the titular giant may be big and friendly, he’s nothing compared to the humongous and unfriendly beasts, Fleshlumpeater, Bloodbottler, and most terrifyingly, Bonecruncher.

Of course, this is a Spielberg film so the darkness is balanced out pretty evenly by the fantastical, and we see that although the odds may be stacked against them, nothing’s going to stop Sophie and the BFG from being friends.

The-BFGWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

There’s some particularly beautiful scenes of Sophie and the BFG hunting dreams and going on adventures, and if the reactions so far are right, it looks as though Spielberg may have made something truly amazing here.

The BFG crashes into UK cinemas on July 22.