The Biggest Alleged Celebrity Members Of The Illuminati Revealed

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The Illuminati is supposedly made up of the world’s most powerful on a mission of global domination, but who’s in this secret ‘cult’?


This ‘elite organisation’ is supposedly made up of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet, with certain people rumoured to be members.

According to Complex, some examples are more plausible than others, like ‘direct references to the Illuminati in song lyrics’, but more often than not, these examples of ‘proof’ are a bit of  a stretch.  So here’s their list, which may or may not be much of a surprise:



Beyoncé – aka the society’s reigning Queen, apparently.

She let the rumour continue – or chose to ignore it – for years before finally addressing it in the ‘Formation’ lyric – “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess”.

Even though she has denied her involvement, Illuminati theorists are always keep an eye out.



If Beyonce is Queen, that would mean Jay-Z is King,right?

Jay was named as a member  when he first held up his signature Roc Nation hand sign, palms flat in a triangle shape.

He addressed the secret society on Rick Ross’s track, Freemason, in 2010, saying: “I said I was amazing / Not that I’m a Mason” and “I’m red hot / I’m on my third 6 / But a devil I’m not.”


That hasn’t stopped people believing he is a part of the society however.



Madge hasn’t helped herself really, in terms of staying out of rumours – in 2014, she released a song called ‘Illuminati’.

The chorus repeats: “It’s like everybody in this party’s shining like Illuminati.”

Madonna said she intended for the word to represent its earlier meaning—’enlightened’—as opposed to a continuation of the enlightenment-era Illuminati. Right.

Donald Trump


Of course he’s on the list, Donald.

This is mainly down the fact US presidents are automatically made members – but also because he gestures a lot.

Certain hand symbols and gestures are ‘massive giveaways’ to Illuminati conspiracy theorists.


Kim Kardashian-West


Kim K makes an appearance, and, along with husband Kanye West, they’re considered, by conspiracy theorists, to be the second highest in the power rankings, behind Bey and Jay.

Although she has posted imagine in triangles on her Insta, apparently symbolising Illuminati, she has hit out at the rumours saying she wasn’t ‘in a cult’ and saying she’s Christian.

Kanye West


So get this, apparently Kanye is one of the ‘world’s greatest’ members.

One theory states that Kim is the devil, and Kanye is the demon, and little North is a sacrificial goat.

Ok then.

Lindsay Lohan


Lohan has been the target of Illuminati claims for years, according to Complex.

She has been out of the public eye for some time, which has apparently left questions surrounding her involvement these days.

LeBron James


The first sports star in the list, and the only one actually.

LeBron James apparently brings the ‘missing link’ to the table, by being a part of the sports world.

Complex says he checks all the boxes, money, fame, a #6 jersey that he wore a few times, a close friendship with Jay Z, as well as a t-shirt decorated with triangles.

Really? I don’t know…



Finally, RiRi, who is also commonly associated.

Complex said they’re not sure if Rihanna cares enough to be a member and believe she’s not an ‘active’ one.

Not entirely sure where they’re getting their facts from.

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