The Biggest Premier League Flops Of The Year


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There have been some standout players over the last 12 months.

While the likes of Messi and Neymar are taking all the plaudits around Europe, for as good as they’ve been, there have also been some awful players.

It’s been an odd 12 months, with some players sensational for parts of it, and then shocking for others.

You could have the entire Chelsea squad in here, considering how bad they’ve been in 2015, but there have been some other awful players as well, and here are five of the very worst in the Premier League.

Dejan Lovren

Jurgen Klopp is managing to make him look half way decent, but under Brendan Rodgers – who wouldn’t drop him for some reason – Lovren was the bane of Liverpool fan’s season.

Their defending was woeful, but Lovren was a huge problem, and when you make Simon Mignolet look good, there is a serious problem.

When Klopp has a fully fit squad, Lovren shouldn’t be getting a look in – in fact, he should be returned to sender on the South coast.

Radamel Falcao

So bad, he could be in the list twice.

Not only was Falcao a total washout for Manchester United, scoring four goals, he’s managed to be even worse for Chelsea, netting once and spending most of his time injured on the sidelines.

You wouldn’t blame the west London club for shipping him out come January – that’s if anyone wants to take him of course.

Louis van Gaal

Considering Angel Di Maria and Javier Hernandez as flops after their time at United under Louis van Gaal, and then discounting it after their moves and subsequent returns to form, it’s actually a better idea to put the Dutchman in the list.

His philosophy isn’t working, he doesn’t seem to know what to do with his players, and frankly, he is lucky to still be in a job.

Considering the abuse David Moyes during his time at the club, the money LVG has spent and fact he’s crashed out Europe says it all.

Eden Hazard

The Chelsea player was one of the best in the world – for a period of eight months.

Then, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone bar himself, he turned to crap. Utter, utter crap.

Hazard now hasn’t scored in over 2,000 minutes of football and is the go-to person when people want to troll a footballer.

The Belgian is looking for a way out of Chelsea and is eyeing up Real Madrid, but on current form, why on earth would they want to buy him?

Wayne Rooney

The player Louis van Gaal refuses to drop no matter what.

The forward is past his best in many people’s eyes, but is still skipper for both club and country.

Considering how many games Rooney has played and how many goals he has, it does seem harsh to jump on his back and claim he’s finished, but it has to be said, United are woeful up top, and he’s a huge part of that.