The Bizarre Tactic That Makes People Better At Taking Exams


There’s an interesting piece of research that shows by doing this before an exam you can get better grades.

Make-up is known to boost confidence in some people – and now, it can help you boost exam results, apparently.

Research shows that people who put make-up on before sitting an exam achieved ‘ten to 20 per cent higher marks than those who didn’t wear any’, according to the Daily Mail.


Psychologists say this could be down what is called the ‘lipstick effect’, which is were make-up ‘boosts self-esteem, having a knock-on effect on memory, confidence and mental ability’.

A study in Journal Cogent Psychology involving 200 female undergrads, who were studying the same subject and had ‘similar self-esteem, make-up habits and IQs’, put this to the test.

The women were split into three groups and asked to put on make-up, listen to music, or draw.


They then took an exam based on a chapter of a textbook they had just read. Results showed the women who used cosmetics scored an average of 24.2 out of 30, compared to 19.9 and 22 in the other groups.
The researchers, from Harvard Medical School and Chieti University in Italy, said:

Women may use make-up to increase self-esteem by boosting their attractiveness; this makes them feel better during stress. Positive emotions increase information accessible in memory.

Worth a try, right?