The Bunker: A Live Action Horror Game That Looks Genuinely Cool

by : Ewan Moore on : 05 Apr 2016 13:45

The Bunker is a new psychological horror game with a twist – it’s entirely live action. That’s real people, real locations, and zero special effects. Colour me interested.


Green Man Gaming, Splendy Games and Wales Interactive have teamed up to deliver this intriguing new experience. We follow the sole survivor of a nuclear attack that has wiped out England.

As the more astute of you can probably guess, the game is set inside an underground government bunker. Our survivor (John) must explore the bunker and confront his suppressed memories. Creepiness ensues, I’ve no doubt.


The entire game was filmed in a real underground bunker in Essex. I’m reminded uncomfortably of the 90’s FMV era, but new technology and the benefit of hindsight should ensure this is much better than any of that old junk.


The game features a surprisngly good cast, which includes The Hobbit’s Adam Brown and Penny Dreadful’s Sarah Greene.

Adam Brown said:

The whole experience was fascinating to be a part of. As the story is nonlinear we had to film every single possibility and interaction I became a real life games character! It’s a terrific location and very spooky they had me crawling around in some strange places!

The Bunker is slated to launch this Summer for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ewan Moore

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