The Chase Contestant Gives Priceless Answer When Asked What He’d Do With Prize Money


What would you do with £12,000?

Buy a new car? Invest it? Give it to charity? Not Danny.

Appearing on ITV’s The Chase, the railway maintenance worker from Essex was asked by host Bradley Walsh what he would do if he won the £12,000 prize money.

His response? He’d take ‘the lads to look at tulips and windmills and stuff’ in Amsterdam with it.

Watch the video below:

A great answer. So great, in fact, that it had Walsh in stitches.

If you’re wondering how many ‘lads’ Danny has, exactly, it’s probably quite a fucking few if he plans to spend the entire £12,000 on them in Amsterdam.

Considering it costs £45 for a return ticket from London to Amsterdam, he either plans on paying for 265 friends’ tickets, or is going to show the few that he would take a damn good time.


And as it turns out, it would probably end up being the latter. After being asked by Walsh how many mates Danny would take, Danny responded with: “I reckon about six or seven it depends.”

But don’t expected to be included if you want your girlfriend to tag along. Danny said: “If any of them say they want to bring their missus it’s not going to happen so number might go down, number might go up. It’d be a nice little jolly up.”

And viewers seemed to love his answer:

Danny even managed to win a laugh from notoriously stone-face Shaun Wallace, who told Walsh to shake the contestant’s hand for him.

Wallace said: “You’re a card, son. I’ll tell you what, I thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside you. What a great character mate, bet your pals at work are thrilled with you. You must have a great time.”

Unfortunately, Danny didn’t make it through to the final. Looks like both his lads and Amsterdam missed out.