The Chicken Connoisseur Went On A Hilarious Valentine’s Chicken Date

YouTube/Chicken Shop Date

Perceived wisdom claims that food is the key to a partner’s heart.

So as you sit at your desk on the morning after the Valentine’s night before, jeans ripping at the seams from that fancy three-course dinner (or the microwave meal and all the crisps you could muster in one lone sitting), just know that the beloved Chicken Connoisseur is with you.

Last night the Chicken Connoisseur partnered up for a date with Amelia Dimoldenberg, the brains behind the YouTube channel Chicken Shop Date, in the spirit of Saint Valentine.


The culinary chicken fanatic, better known as Elijah Quashie, found romance at the bottom of a takeaway box, apparently, when he stumbled across Amelia who’d been stood up in his local chicken shop.

You’d think the pair would be a match battered together in heaven, and they’d easily bond over their love of chicken.

But Amelia told Complex:

I’ve found that it’s easy to measure the success of a date when the guy you are dating is more concerned with the chicken he is eating than you.

I’m pretty sure if The Chicken Connoisseur had Tinder he would swipe left for me and right for a chicken burger.

After much finger-licking and an awkward conversation about the bill, it seems Elijah and Amelia won’t be dining together again.

If food be the source of love, then eat on.