The Coca-Cola Christmas Ad Has P*ssed People Off For The Stupidest Reason


Somehow, it’s already that time of year when our television screens become dominated by a whole host of festive adverts. 

Over the years there’s been hundreds of shamelessly soppy christmas ads and although some really have captured our hearts, some just need to sod right off.

For many cheery festive revellers, seeing the familiar red, Coca-Cola traffic-jam chugging its way around the corner is truly heartwarming (I’m not one of them) reports The Mirror.

At first people were loving it:

But it seems that this year the soft drink giant may have gone too bloody far by changing one tiny aspect of their tired formula – they only went and bloody got rid of santa’s wink didn’t they!

Cue the righteous outrage of Twitter:

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Having already recast christmas in their own image by giving birth to that jolly fella in the red suit we call Santa Claus, the drinks giant are still trying to convince us that lines of lorries are somehow festive.

They’re not.