The Country That Takes The Most MDMA Will Surprise You

MDMA Team/Mixmag

There is research known as the global drug survey and one country has been crowned the ‘champions’ of taking MDMA.

According to the results, MDMA is a favourite drug in Ireland – with 39.7% of participants saying they had taken it in the last year.

Which means the Irish take more MDMA than any other country in the world, says Mixmag.


Survey Findings:

  • The Irish are paying an average of 7.10€ for a pill, while a gram of MDMA powder totals at 46.50€.
  • 64% of Irish females and 53.1% of males aged under 25 take a quarter or half to start with.
  • Over 70.3% of females and 62.7% of males allow time to find out the strength of their drugs before consuming any more.
  • Despite the high numbers of consumption, only 1.3% have had to get medical treatment.
  • Al-Rai newspaper

    In other drugs news, a homing pigeon has been caught smuggling more than 170 ecstasy pills in a homemade ‘backpack’ after police tracked its progress across the border of two countries.

    Brings a new meaning to the term jail bird….