The Daily Mail Explains What Brexit Means, Readers Seem Shocked

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In classic Daily Mail fashion, today’s front page is urging its readers to ‘Stand Up And Take A Bow’.


That’s right guys, pull on your Union Jack waistcoats, doff your bowler hats and dance a merry jig around the maypole as, finally, we all come to terms with what this decision actually means for our futures.

But wait, what’s that, after months of scaremongering, shit throwing and relentless reliance on the rhetoric of ‘getting our country back’, the Daily Mail has actually decided to print some fact bombs about what effect this shambles will have on us, reports the i100.


On top of labelling the referendum as ‘the day the quiet people stood up and roared’ and laying into the ‘disaster’ that was ‘project fear’, it also looks into how Brexit is likely to affect its readers.


According to the Mail, the pound is now worth less which means holidays cost more, Britons could well lose the right to work, buy holiday homes, travel and study without restrictions in the EU and, worst of all, pensions have lost value.

And guess what? A fair few of their readers don’t like what they’re hearing. You don’t fucking say.

The infamous Daily Mail comments section reveals that many of their readers now seem somehow dumbfounded and shocked that they may actually have voted for something that isn’t so great for them…

comment1comment1Daily Mail

I don’t know if you’re aware of something called research – the Internet is pretty useful for it…

comment2comment2Daily Mail

Not the remain campaign as such – just 90 per cent of economic experts, EU and world leaders, and the vast majority of the business community…



Well, more so if you’re young and don’t want to spend your life – or your kids’ lives – in narrow minded isolationism.

comment4comment4Daily Mail

Read something other than the Daily Mail for fuck’s sake!

comment5comment5Daily Mail

It’s big of you to admit it but quite frankly – IT’S TOO FUCKING LATE!!!!!

But then, just in case you thought you’d accidentally stumbled into an alternate reality where Nigel Farage is a Halal butcher and Boris Johnson is only famous for shitting himself on Big Brother, you’re reminded that no, it’s all horribly, horribly real:

comment6comment6Daily Mail

I’ve never been so proud…

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