The Dark Reason Hollywood Fell Out Of Love With Megan Fox

by : Francesca Donovan on : 27 Mar 2017 17:55
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Once upon a time, circa the mid-noughties, Megan Fox was tipped as the Next Big Thing in Hollywood.

Despite that, we don’t see that much of Megan Fox on our silver screens lately. So, what happened? The likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Emma Stone and Margot Robbie have surpassed Fox in their acting endeavours – and according to the film oracle, Looper that might not just be down to raw talent.


Her co-star, Shia LeBeouf has gone onto great and bizarre things in the world of art, since appearing in the Michael Bay franchise.

Meanwhile, Fox has faded into relative obscurity.

Apparently, that’s because she learned more than just her lines while filming Simon Pegg’s 2008 film How To Lose Friends & Alienate People.

Looper report that Fox alienated the action-packed tween franchise movie makers when, in an interview, she bluntly claimed, ‘People are aware this isn’t a movie about acting’.


As for her director, Fox told Wonderland:

He wants to be like Hitler on his sets. And he is.

Fox continued to call Bay a ‘nightmare to work for’, dubbing him ‘so hopelessly awkward’.

After being dumped by Transformers, Fox’s future films went onto flop.


The R-rated Jennifer’s Body earned just a 43 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and Passion Pit – despite an all star cast – earned just three per cent. Not even double figures.

Next up, she co-starred in Jonah Hex, a film Fox herself claims ‘no one should ever see’.

However, according to film buffs and pop culture experts, alongside her questionable manners, we don’t see much of Megan Fox due to overexposure.

At the peak of her popularity, AskMen.com even boycotted her appearance in online photo galleries, requesting ‘A Day Without Megan Fox’.


You can watch the whole Looper report below:

Meanwhile, Fox is keeping the flame alive in small comedic supporting roles in films such as The Dictator and This Is 40, as well as TV favourite, New Girl.

But apparently Hollywood can have too much of a good – and brutally honest – actress.

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