The Dark Truth Behind Those Dogs That Stand Up On Two Legs

DogsYoutube/ Jim Moore

The internet is awash with videos of animals doing daft stuff, and most of it is pretty funny, who doesn’t love to watch a dog lick ice cream off it’s nose?

But every now and then a video will come along that blows the internet up with its cuteness, only to be revealed as the result of animal cruelty and abuse.

One that springs to mind is the ‘Slow Loris Loves Getting Tickled’ which everyone readily believed to be nothing but the cutest thing in the world.

DogsYoutube/ hamlollo

The latest in this upsetting trend is the dogs walking around on two legs.

Uncovered by In The NOW, it actually turns out that the little dogs are being forced to stand on two legs by smacking or pushing them whenever they try and put their two front legs down.

Check out the video here, but beware it is very upsetting:

What sick bastards would do this to animals just for a few shares on a Facebook site or a bit of change off people in the street?

The video, for those who don’t want to watch it, shows a couple of dogs being made to stand on their hind legs which is scarily reminiscent of the way bears are trained to do so for the barbaric circuses in China.

One dog can be seen cowering in the corner of the room trying to rest its front paws on the wall before it gets smacked by its owner.

DogsIn The NOW

What a truly fucked up world we live in that people will do this for social media notoriety.

It also must say something about the current social media age when we consume content online and take it all at face value because it’s cute.

I hope the authorities of wherever this took place come down on these fuckers with swift justice.