‘The Day Of Fire’ Coming To UK Tomorrow

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The first signs of summer are finally here as the sun shins over Britain for what feels like the first time in forever.


I’m sure all of you went straight to your nearest beer garden to enjoy a chilled pint as soon as work was done for the day, and judging from the weather forecast for tomorrow, it looks like you will be doing the same.

In fact tomorrow will be even hotter than today as a stream of steamy air will travel across from the south of Spain meaning Thursday April 19 will be a ‘Día de Fuego’ or ‘Day of Fire’.

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Likely to be the hottest day of the year so far, temperatures will reach up to 27C in some areas of Britain including London.


In fact it will be hotter here in Britain than in Italy and Greece. Who needs to go abroad then for some sunshine hey?

BBC Weather meteorologist Matt Taylor confirmed the forecast to The Express:

With that, we could see temperatures through the central belts of Scotland around 18C and 23C to 24C towards London and the southeast.

There is warmer air to come. Atlantic air being held off a bit at the moment.

Through Thursday it will be dragging air all the way from Iberia and the Mediterranean.

Now, it is not going to be a completely sunny story, to begin with. There will be a few showers in Scotland. And around some western coasts of England and Wales, maybe a bit misty for one or two.

But some good sunny breaks developing for just about all through the afternoon and temperatures will shoot up. 19C and maybe 20C around the Moray Firth – it could get up to 26C through some parts of eastern England.

It might be time to whip out the suncream then!

However, as the week continues the weather will worsen with the Met Office predicting Thursday to Saturday to gradually get cooler.

Their forecast reads:

Fine and sunny for most and turning warm, especially on Thursday. Cooler and occasionally misty around the coasts with onshore breezes. Often breezier in the northwest with some patchy rain.


Despite temperatures dropping this weekend, there will still be more sunshine than expected at this time of year.

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In fact temperatures are around 15C higher for this time of year with humidity reaching levels of 95 per cent.

Meteorologist John West explained why this is the case saying:

This is such a big area of low pressure that it is actually drawing warm air up from the tropics and bringing it into the UK.

We have got a sort of conveyor belt of warm air being pulled up from the Atlantic through the next couple of days.

The whole of the UK’s weather over the next few days will be coming up from the warm part of the Atlantic.

Perfect weather for a barbecue in the garden then!

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