The ‘Dead’ People Trump Supporters Claim Voted In Election Are Actually Alive

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Nov 2020 12:12
The 'Dead' People Trump Supporters Claim Voted In Election Are Actually AlivePA

As part of an ongoing attempt to discredit the results of the 2020 US presidential election, many Trump supporters have claimed that some votes had been cast by dead people.

The theory quickly gained traction across the United States, with even the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., sharing it on social media.


Among those pushing the dead voter theory is Trump supporter ‘Essential Fleccas’, who recently shared a list of ‘10,000 people that are confirmed deceased (cross referenced with Social Security Death Index) that requested and returned absentee ballots in Wayne County’.

However, it would appear many of those on this list are indeed still alive and well, with BBC News having even interviewed some of them.

This included Maria Arredondo from Michigan, a Biden voter who expressed surprise that her name had been included on a list of dead voters:


I may be 72. But I’m alive and breathing. My mind is working fine and I’m healthy.

According to BBC News, there is a ‘fundamental problem’ with lists such as the one shared by Essential Fleccas, which will result in false matches:

Somebody born in January 1940 voted in Michigan in the election, and there was somebody born somewhere else in the US in January 1940 who has the same name and is now dead. This will happen a lot in a country as big as the US (328 million people), and particularly with common names.


As a means of testing the list, reporters randomly chose 30 names out of the 100,000, before adding the oldest person on the list to this number.

From this new list of 31 names, reporters were able to speak directly with 11 people, or else with their family member, neighbour or care worker, and received confirmation that they were indeed still living.

Among these individuals was a 100-year-old woman who the list reported as having died in 1982. However, she is in fact still alive and residing at a Michigan nursing home.

In 17 other cases, it was discovered there was no public death record, and that there was ‘clear evidence’ the person had still been alive following the alleged date of death given on the list. For example, proof of their business activities and public authority records.

Trump Rally after Biden Presidential Election Victory in Beverly Hills, US - 07 Nov 2020PA Images

Reporters began to see a ‘clear pattern’ whereby the wrong records had been connected to create false and deeply misleading matches. It was also found that three individuals named on the list were indeed dead, however, once again, things were not quite as straight-forward.

Two men on the list had died a while ago, and it was found that, in both cases, there had been sons who shared the same name as their fathers, and who were registered at their deceased fathers’ addresses.

In both these cases, a ballot had been sent in for the dead fathers, with local election officials informing BBC News that one of the votes had indeed been counted but there had been no record of the son’s vote.


In the other instance, the son had been the person who had actually voted, however this had been recorded as his father’s vote on account of a clerical error.

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