The Dictionary Destroys Kylie Jenner ‘Self-Made Billionaire’ Claims With One Tweet

Kylie Jenner Forbes magazineForbes/Twitter

There’s nothing quite as authoritative as when the dictionary chimes in on current affairs and throws shade at celebrities.

It’s truly beautiful how insulting they can be, simply by reporting a fact.

This time, the people at have launched into Kylie Jenner and Forbes, correcting them when they called her a ‘self-made’ woman.

Since the self-titled Baby Boss has become the youngest billionaire in the US and is currently among the 60 richest self-made women in the US at the age of 21, Kylie Jenner is the talk of the Internet.

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters leveraged her Instagram following to build a $900m cosmetics empire.

There’s no denying the new mum has built an insanely huge cosmetics brand, however much of the Internet, including, took issue with her being called ‘self-made’, considering her extremely famous, rich and well-connected family. tweeted:

Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided.

Used in a sentence: Forbes says that Kylie Jenner is a self-made woman.

Lots of Twitter users loved the ‘shade’ thrown by the website, with one commenting:

When the dictionary gets involved. I am weak.

One user tweeted:

I literally wrote the same thing in response to Forbes.

It’s easy to become a millionaire if you already have the money, access, and privilege to get there.

Another wrote:

Damn, is pulling no punches in 2018

Another commenter, who didn’t agree with, wrote:

It is not shade to point out that Kylie Jenner isn’t self-made. She grew up in a wealthy, famous family.

Her success is commendable but it comes by virtue of her privilege.

Words have meanings and it behooves a dictionary to remind us of that.

It’s not the first time has made a social commentary through definitions.

In response to a Washington Post headline saying Mike Pence ‘praises Trump once every 12 seconds for three minutes straight’.

They wrote:

There’s a word for a person who would praise someone every 12 seconds.

They then posted a link to the definition of sycophant which means, ‘a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite’.

Even if she’s had the biggest leg-up, you can’t take away the fact she’s an incredibly popular woman.

When the news broke how Kylie was set to overtake Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest ever ‘self-made billionaire’, people started donating to the cause.

It’s great to see a woman up there giving some diversity to the top one per cent.

Fans are banding together to try and raise the $100 million left for Kylie to become a billionaire, because $900 million just isn’t good enough for some people.

With his tongue firmly in his cheek (I hope), Josh Ostrovsky, aka The Fat Jew, set up the GoFundMe page.

The description reads:

Kylie Jenner was on the cover of Forbes Magazine today for having a net worth of 900 million dollars, which is heartbreaking.

I don’t want to live in a world where Kylie Jenner doesn’t have a billion dollars. WE MUST RAISE 100 MILLION DOLLARS TO HELP HER GET TO A BILLION, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Self-made or not, I look forward to more social commentary from the dictionary.

And to think, people say the dictionary is a boring book. Never been more wrong.

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