The Division Gets Open Beta Dates Alongside Brutal New Trailer


If The Division’s closed beta got you all excited, or you didn’t get a chance to join in on the fun, then there’s some good news – an open beta is coming our way very shortly.

Announced today, The Division will be accessible to everybody from February 19th-21st, with pre-loading available on the 16th. Those lucky buggers with an Xbox One will be able to gain access to the game a whole day early on February 18th because reasons.

The news comes alongside a biting new trailer, which showcases some of the baddies you’ll be coming up against on the cold, harsh streets of mid-crisis New York. These include Rioters, Rikers, Cleaners and the fearsome Last Man Battalion.

The open beta will be expanding on the closed beta by offering up a brand new story mission and those who dive in will get some top-secret in-game goodies once the game launches on March 8th.

If The Division is anywhere near as good as the closed beta promised, then we could be looking at one of the most entertaining releases of 2016 – and we’ve barely even started the year. Fingers crossed.