The Division’s Latest Exploit Lets You Deal Eye-Watering Damage


It’s not been a great week for The Division. A few days ago it turned out you could exploit the new Incursion mission for pretty much unlimited rewards. Now a new exploit has come to light that lets players deal insane amounts of damage.

I’m not gonna go into how it works. There’s a video at the bottom of the article that shows how to do it if you really wanna try before Ubisoft do something about it (I assume they’re gonna do something about it).

YouTuber Simplified demonstrates the exploit below. Granted, it’s only a temporary leap in damage that you can perform once before having to perform the exploit again – but it’s such a fucking huge jump that it makes up for the time spent doing it.

Simplified shows how much damage the exploit can cause by one-shotting NPCs into oblivion. I shudder to think how this could be abused in the Dark Zone on top of all the other shit people have managed to get through exploits so far.

Ubisoft have previously threatened to punish players who cheat their way through The Division, but players have accused the publisher of deflecting blame.