The Empire State Building Is Now Entirely Powered By Wind

by : Saman Javed on : 05 Feb 2021 14:58
The Empire State Building Is Now Entirely Powered By WindESB/PA

The Empire State Building will be entirely powered by wind energy for the next three years.

On Wednesday, February 3, the Empire State Reality Trust (ESRT) announced it has signed a new contract with Green Mountain Energy that means its entire real commercial real estate portfolio will run on renewable electricity.


The contract makes the trust the largest user of green power in the country’s real estate industry.

‘ESRT is the leader in sustainable operations with a viable example of how to scale carbon-neutral technologies, strategies and policies to balance with an effective economic business case,’ Dana Robbins Schneider, director of energy and sustainability at ESRT said.


The new deal builds on an earlier 10-year agreement for the supply of 100% renewable power for the Empire State Building by adding the trust’s entire portfolio for a further three years.


‘We now expand that to all properties in New York State with an additional Direct Energy contract for our Connecticut properties. We continue to advance our commitment to solutions that reduce our environmental impact. Our tenants now work in carbon neutral offices and the investment community can recognise our leadership,’ Schneider added.

The Empire State Building previously underwent a $550 million (£401 million) renovation to make it more environmentally friendly, resulting in a 40% reduction in the amount of energy it uses.

As per The Hill, ESRT controls more than 10.1 million square feet of real estate. This switch to renewable energy over the next three years is expected to stop 450 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere and will amount to the equivalent of every household in New York turning their lights off for an entire month.

Saman Javed

The contract has been welcomed by climate change activists and organisations.

Cara Carmichael, the principal of Rocky Mountain Institute’s Carbon-Free Buildings Program, which advocates for carbon-free buildings, said, ‘Driving the greater real estate community towards net-zero energy requires stakeholders in the limelight, like the Empire State Building, to take first steps and inspire others.

‘The Empire State Building has always been a landmark in NYC and a leader in the prop-tech space. Now, it’s embracing its role as a leader in the energy space,’ Carmichael told Gizmodo.

Tackling the climate crisis has been at the top of President Joe Biden’s agenda since he took office last month. In his first week, he signed an executive order which aims to undo more than 100 of Donald Trump’s environmental policies.


Among some of his first moves, he suspended all new oil and gas leases on federal land and water as well and rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement.

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