The Female Doctor Who Had Uber Tantrum Apologises For Her Meltdown


The young female doctor filmed having a complete meltdown and attacking an Uber driver has apologised for her actions.

Dr Anjali Ramkissoon was caught on camera striking the driver, and emptying his car of its contents. Fortunately for her he did not press charges.

Unfortunately the footage quickly went viral and the fourth-year neurology student has been placed on paid administrative leave by Jackson Health Systems while investigations continue.

Ramkissoon had already agreed a damages settlement with the driver but has now appeared on Good Morning America to explain her behaviour and appeal for forgiveness.

The 30-year-old said of the incident:

It was probably one of the worst days of my life. I was caught at my lowest moment.

She also explained that there were several external influences as to why she flew off the handle. She said that her dad was hospitalised that day, plus she split from her boyfriend of two years that same evening.

The latter excuse led Ramkissoon to drink more than she had intended given she’d driven to the venue.

In fairness to the doctor she did at least acknowledge that there was ‘absolutely no excuse’ for her actions.


The Daily Mail has also reported on a statement from Uber after Ramkissoon became barred from the service.

Uber said:

Uber expects everyone associated with the platform – both drivers and riders – to conduct themselves with a shared level of respect and common courtesy, and all forms of harassment and abuse are not tolerated.

We have suspended the rider account of this individual as we investigate the incident.

Most people have done something they regret while under the influence, but the ramifications could be severe for Ramkissoon who may lose her intern license, and thus be prevented from earning her full medical license.

There’s definitely a lesson in here about knowing your limits.