The First Explosive Trailer For Jason Bourne Has Landed


Super Spy and professional arse kicker Jason Bourne is back in a new high-octane trailer for the latest film in the Bourne franchise.

The teaser for Jason Bourne, shows returning star Matt Damon living in the desert, spending his days knocking out men in bare-knuckle brawls, before the moody spy is drawn back into the murky world of spying.

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After the events of Damon’s previous Bourne trilogy, the ex-secret agent may have his memory back, but as Julia Stiles warns in the teaser, just because he remembers everything doesn’t mean he knows everything.

The film’s being directed by series regular Paul Greengrass and he’s dragged the amnesiac spy into the modern world and the new political climate surrounding intelligence services.

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One panicked spy shouts ominously, ‘we’ve been hacked’ before adding, ‘this could be bigger than Snowden’ reminding us all that spies don’t have to be muscle bound He-Men these days.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Bourne movie without a ton of action and we see plenty of explosions plus the usual over the top thrills, including Jason brutally beating a man with a chair leg.

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The movie’s out this summer and will be one of Universal Pictures’ first 4K Blu-Rays later this year.