The First Trailer For Gran Turismo Sport Is Stunning


If you like fast cars, stunning graphics, and weird rave music, then this new trailer for Gran Turismo Sport is the one for you. 

The trailer was unveiled during a special event in London from developer Polyphony Digital and Sony. I should point out that everything you see in the trailer is actual gameplay footage, which is amazing.

Sony notes that Gran Turismo Sport will be the “first racing experience” to be built for real online competitions sanctioned by the FIA (Federation International Automobile), which is pretty cool – so what does that mean?

Well, you’ll be able to go online and race other players, of course. But you can also build your own racing career from the ground up, representing your favourite car manufacturer or home country as you make a name for yourself.

The game will feature more than 140 shiny cars from the real world, along with 27 different tracks across 19 real world locations – all of them gorgeous.

The last Gran Turismo (Gran Turismo 6) actually hit PlayStation 3 way back in 2013. While Sport is essentially a spin off, it’ll be a welcome entry for fans of the franchise nonetheless.

A beta has yet to be announced, but I’d imagine that one is planned. As well as gorgeous graphics and a crap load of cars to play with, Gran Turismo Sport will also come with native PlayStation VR support, and a host of customisation options for your vehicles. Check out the trailer below.

Gran Turismo Sport races onto PlayStation 4 November 15 in Japan, Asia, and North america, followed soon after by a November 18 launch in the UK.