The First Trailer For Stranger Things Season 2 Is Finally Here

by : UNILAD on : 06 Feb 2017 08:09

There are few things as highly anticipated as the next season of Stranger Things.


After binge-watching season one last summer, we were left with a lot of questions – namely, where’s Eleven? And when can we start binge-watching again?

The topics of Will, justice for Barb and the upside down are also rife with question marks. So when will we find out the fate of the Hawkins town folk? Soon. Very soon.

Halloween, to be exact.


During the Super Bowl, a new trailer for season two aired – and it was glorious.

The teaser continued to show off the writers’ appreciation for all things nostalgia (we’re looking at you, Ghostbusters and Close Encounters of the Third Kind), and glimpses of the gang – including Eleven.

While only splashes of images, a clearly affected Will Byers, an investigating Chief Hopper and the gang on bikes in Ghostbusters costumes can be seen. Scientists at the Hawkins Labratory also make an appearance.

The bad news? Something creepy as fuck will be haunting the skies of Hawkins next season, and it doesn’t look friendly.


The first teaser for the second season revealed what we believe were nine episode titles, but other than that, details of the plot have since been pretty scarce.

We know that Stranger Things 2 takes place one year after the season one finale, and that it will largely deal with the fallout from the events that took place in the first season.

And along with new characters, the Duffer Brothers have also promised a return to the Upside Down. But don’t worry, they assured Entertainment Weekly that the Demogorgan was definitely destroyed.


As for Barb? Well, we can only hope that she finally gets the justice she deserves.

The upcoming season of Stranger Things will begin streaming on October 31st, 2017.

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