The Five Best Goals From 2014/15

by : UNILAD on : 26 Dec 2015 10:55


As the old saying goes, if you score goals, you usually win games.


Some goals might just be a tap-in, or even an own goal, as Chelsea know too well.

That being said, there have been some utter screamers scored over the last season and a half, and here are the five best of them.


Messi v Bayern Munich


The player of 2015, with arguably the goal of the year as well.

Messi is someone the world had never seen before, and we probably won’t get the privilege of seeing anything like him again.

He might be one third of the best trio in football, but he is a huge part of Barcelona’s success and has been over the last decade. Sensational player and an even more sensational goal as Barcelona destroyed Bayern.

Erik Lamela Rabona goal

Coming right at the end of 2014, the goal was a cracker, and undoubtedly one of the best we saw last season.

Erik Lamela might go missing at times, but the rabona was a perfect illustration of why Spurs bought him, and why there are still those who have faith the player will come good.

The skill it takes to pull off a rabona is second to none, it’s just a shame Lamela can’t show it week in, week out.


Ramsey Volley

Ramsey loves scoring a quality goal or two, and this one has to be one of the best of the bunch.

The Arsenal player’s volley against Galatasaray secured their passage to the last 16 for the 15th consecutive season.

They then obviously managed to get knocked out, and this season are probably en-route to seeing the same thing happen against Barcelona.

Neymar from Iniesta assist

If you don’t appreciate this goal, you don’t like football.

It was quite simply sensational and summed up not only why Barcelona are the best side in club football and deserved to win the lot last year, but it showed how good Andres Iniesta has been over his career.

The goal summed up Neymar and the midfield genius


Robbie Muirhead volley

A player most people hadn’t heard of before his goal, and someone who isn’t exactly in the headlines these days either.

That being said, the young footballer scored an utter screamer, with the 35-meter rocket showing that you don’t have to play for a world class side to score a world class goal.

Amazing stuff.

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