The Future Of Lighthouses Looks Very Bright



To commemorate the Costa Concordia Disaster of 2012, where a passenger ship ran aground off the coast of Italy killing 35 people, a competition was run to find a design for a new lighthouse in the area.

And the winning design is pretty mental.

The winning entry will be built on Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, where the ship sunk. And this was it, Concordia Landscape, beating 282 others to the first place spot.




It’s made up of a large walkway stretching out into the sea, lit up by 1,000 square metres of solar powered beams. It looks pretty cool, but also fairly eerie, like a long icicle tower bridge.

The second place entry was called Silent Compass, and is a more traditional take on the lighthouse design, with a large circular tower rising from the island, lit by a beacon. Interestingly, it would have also featured a café and a bar, offering amazing views over the ocean.


Third place was an entry called Catharsis, a labyrinth of steel constructed out of the wreckage of the Costa Concordia itself. It would have been lit by a large beam of light pointing directly upwards, and from the design it looks more like an alien abduction than a lighthouse.


The future of lighthouses is looking bright.