The Game Called Out By 16-Year-Old For Sliding Into Her DMs

by : UNILAD on : 18 Aug 2017 08:55
The Game

It seems like celebrities get themselves into all sorts of bother when it comes to sliding into people’s DMs and this time it’s rapper, The Game who’s been caught out.


The 37-year-old has apparently been sending messages to a 16-year-old girl via her social media.

I know it’s easy when you’re a famous musician to lose control of all the messages you’re sending, but maybe the fact her profile said ‘16’ on it next to her name was a bit of a give away?

Anyway, the ‘model’s’ social media profile on her Instagram account has it pretty much clearly stated: ‘Kenza 16’.


Of course it might mean something else… how many modelling jobs she’s had, how many days until her holiday, but I’m going to go with the fact it’s probably her age.

The Game – who fans will know loves a mirror selfie or two – apparently only sent a basic message with an emoji.

6Kenza / Snapchat

Kenza revealed via her social media the rapper had DM’d her and asked for her telephone number and the internet has responded, as it always does, mainly to call him a creep.

No doubt the 37-year-old will quickly blame it on something else, using the common excuse of saying he was hacked, or someone else was using my phone.

So far he hasn’t made any comment yet but I’m pretty sure we can expect one in the near future.

Kendra Boutif, who has over 180,000 followers on her Instagram account, had a lot of his fans commenting on her photos – and shock horror they haven’t been the nicest.


Boutif excitedly posted about it after it happened, saying:

So The Game dm’d me…….. When he ask me my number, I say I’m the one.

And they say romance is dead!

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