The Heartwarming Manchester Picture That’s Gone Viral

by : UNILAD on : 26 Apr 2017 18:47
Manchester terrorManchester terrorLeon Neal/ Getty

The reaction to the Manchester terror attack has been one of solidarity in the face of unbridled hatred.


Stories pouring from Manchester have highlighted the innumerable instances of togetherness and community spirit in the wake of the worst terrorist attack on British soil in a decade.

The latest of these stories has just gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

In the picture below, we can see Renee Rachel Black, a Jewish woman crying as she mourns the tragedy which took place on Monday night.

Manchester terrorManchester terrorPA Images

Beside her is Sadiq Patel, a Muslim man consoling her as she cries.

Following this picture, the two prayed together before Mr Patel led Ms Black away from the floral tribute as he carried her chair.

The image has sparked many emotional responses on social media:

However, some have questioned the timing of the picture, labelling it as mere ‘propaganda’.


The attack on Manchester Arena on Monday night took the lives of a confirmed 22 innocents, injuring many more.

The attacker, named as Salman Abedi, died during the blast, though it is thought that there is a much larger network at large.

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    The heartwarming Manchester picture that's gone viral