The ‘Hookers And Cocaine’ Powerball Guy Is Very Different In Real Life

Fox 5

Remember that bloke who told local reporters that if he won the Powerball he’d spend it on ‘hookers and cocaine’, well he’s been tracked down and he wasn’t what he seemed…

We thought ‘at least he was honest’, when he gave the very frank answer to a reporter, but apparently it was all a big laugh and he’s actually married with two kids. Imagine that?

Nevada resident Isaac Carranza’s answer went viral last week and apparently what he said was so interesting, loads of news outlets tried to track him down.

First he went on a local radio station to clarify that he’d actually spend his winnings on his kids’ college education and a new car. He added that the reporter who approached made him feel stupid, so he gave an equally stupid answer to mock them. Fair play to him.

Fox 5

Then speaking to gossip site TMZ, he said his wife was absolutely fine with his answer and knows of his ‘twisted sense of humour’. In reality he would have improved his hometown of Salinas in California with the earnings and take care of his mum.

Can this guy get anymore wholesome? Yes, yes he can. He was also an army veteran who served in Afghanistan.

You’ve got to ask why we would even care about what some complete stranger would want to do with their ridiculous wealth in the first place, but that’s modern day society.

Three ticket holders have remained anonymous after claiming the winning tickets for the record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot. Retailers in California, Florida and Tennessee that sold them the lucky tickets.

We definitely need more moments like this though…