The Hottest Chilli Pepper Money Can Buy Is Now On Sale In The UK


If you’re one of those brave people who can handle their spice, you may be interested to know that the hottest chilli that money can buy has just gone on sale in the UK.

Tesco have revealed they’ve sourced the hottest chilli pepper ever to be grown commercially and they’re stocking their shelves with it, which can only end well.

The Komodo Dragon measures 1.4million on the Scoville scale – that’s 286 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper and four times hotter than the notorious Scotch Bonnet. In fact, it’s so hot that it has to be handled with gloves. Yes, really.


Tesco Chilli Pepper Buyer (what a job title), Eleanor Mansell, said:

In recent years we’ve had the fearsome Dorset Naga, the searing Bhut Jolokia and the mouth-numbing Trinidad Scorpion. But they all pale in comparison to the UK’s latest commercially grown chilli pepper – the mighty Komodo Dragon – which puts the others in the shade.

And, if you hadn’t gathered yet, this thing will basically blow your face off. Although, according to chilli expert Mansell, it lulls you into a false sense of security first. Sneaky…


She added:

At first you can taste a wonderful hot fruitiness. But then after about 10 seconds the full might of this little demon hits you and your whole mouth is aglow. This is definitely a chilli pepper for connoisseurs and for those who are experienced in eating really, super hot food.

The Komodo Dragon is grown in Bedfordshire and will be sold in 500 Tesco stores from today until November for just £1.

So, get down to your local Tesco and give it a try, if you dare. We’re expecting a lot of hilarious YouTube videos in the next week or so!