The Inbetweeners Reunite 10 Years After First Episode Aired

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Everyone’s favourite band of painfully British dweebs have come back together to celebrate 10 years since the hilarious comedy first aired.


The Inbetweeners are back with a one-off special, Fwends Reunited, to celebrate the milestone.

I clearly remember the show as a milestone in my childhood so the fact that was a decade ago makes me feel really old.

James Buckley, 31, Simon Bird, 34, Joe Thomas, 35, and Blake Harrison, 33, all have much more facial hair than they did in the original series…except the guy who played Simon actually, he still has a face like a baby’s bum.


Not long ago James Buckley, who played the notoriously cringey Jay, posted a photo with on of the most iconic props from the hilarious show, Simon’s yellow (with a red door) Fiat Cinquecento.

As you may remember, the unfortunate car actually met its death in the final episode of series three when the boys went on a camping trip, the Fiat rolled down a hill and was submerged in a body of water.

Luckily for us, it seems to have been resurrected and dried off ready for filming once again – though I think the poor car has seen enough pain already, what with Neil defiling the back seat and the unfortunate accident at Thorpe Park which resulted in its red door.

The collection of awkward characters will grace our television screens in the upcoming anniversary episode, which will celebrate the show’s three seasons and two films, featuring behind the scenes stories and unseen footage in a two-hour long special.

I’m A Celebrity star Emily Atack, who played Charlotte Hinchcliffe, is also said to be joining the boys in their reunion.

According to The Sun, producer Will MacDonald said of the anniversary special:


The love for The Inbetweeners is huge, the kind of love that Jay would boast he’s had many times — big celebrities, millions of viewers and loving fans across the globe.

And it’s so exciting the boys will be back together to feel that love from all those people and enjoy it first-hand. What could possibly go wrong?

Still from The Inbetweeners Series 3Still from The Inbetweeners Series 3Ch 4

Tom Beck, Channel 4’s head of live events and commissioning editor for entertainment, said:

Will, Jay, Simon and Neil spent years failing to sneak into the best parties, so I’m very pleased to throw one that they’re definitely invited to.

Buckley shared a picture of the reunion to his Instagram page, where he looks just as excited as fans are about the prospect of him being back with his friends (aw, fwends!).

While Buckley showed us the scene inside the car, Harrison gave us a nostalgic look at the outside, writing ‘Hello old friend’ as he shared the picture on Twitter:

It will certainly be interesting to get an insight into the characters and everything they’ve been up to since their last adventure four years ago in The Inbetweeners 2!

I bet Jay’s slept with thousands of women, all celebrities, and he’s no doubt also made his millions. Probably this generation’s Hugh Hefner, if his previous stories about himself are anything to go by!

Can’t wait to see our boys back on the screen.

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