The Internet Reacts To David Cameron ‘Putting His Knob In Dead Pig’s Mouth’


Well after a week of claims being levied against new leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, there surely had to be a retaliation aimed at Prime Minister David Cameron. This was not one that was anticipated.

It is alleged that as a young whippersnapper David Cameron inserted a “private part of his anatomy” into a dead pigs mouth that was resting on the lap of a member of the Piers Gaveston Society.

According to ‘Call Me Dave’, a biography of the current PM’s life co-written by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft and the journalist Isabel Oakeshott, Cameron performed the act during during his student days at Oxford University.

Downing Street has thus far declined to comment on the accusations/biographical anecdote.

As you’d expect the internet has been swift in its response and it is brilliant!