The ‘Iron Liver Challenge’ ‘Could Put Lives At Risk’

by : Tom Percival on : 31 Mar 2016 11:06

Brits are being warned that a new online challenge, which dares people to down a whole bottle of spirits in under a minute, could put lives at risk.


The ‘Iron Liver Challenge’, as it’s called, appears to have started after a man recorded himself necking a litre of vodka in under a minute, the Daily Mail reports.

Andi Doherty, better knowns as Skat Dagger, began the challenge when he filmed himself downing a potentially deadly 40 units of Smirnoff in less than 60 seconds. The 29-year-old then uploaded his stunts to YouTube, where it’s amassed more than 2,000 views.

Body piercer Andi, from Folkestone, Kent, is now inviting the public to suggest other spirits for him to drink.


He said:

I’ve downed a 70cl bottle of vodka before so I knew a litre wouldn’t be much of an issue…I make funny videos every now and then and they always seem to get a good response on Facebook, so I set up a YouTube channel for myself and friends to start making various videos.

I wasn’t sick after the vodka and now I’ve been asked to down a litre of mouthwash, or a litre of olive oil, eat a stick of butter, or eat silly amount of donuts.


However even the vlogger realises the danger and says that whilst he’s happy to accept drinking challenges from the public, he doesn’t want people to copy him and his friends saying: “It’s just intended to be a funny channel, I don’t intend to encourage dangerous behaviour.”

Already dozens of people have posted videos of them doing the ‘litre challenge’ online – which usually involves drinking a large quantity of water or milk as quickly as possible, although others have tried to finish an entire bottle of spirits in one go.

Former Home Office scientist and alcohol expert Dr John Mundy said that the Iron Liver Challenge could potentially kill, if the alcohol levels in the body were raised high enough.

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    Here comes the next deadly online craze: Idiots take part in the 'Iron Liver Challenge' to down a whole BOTTLE of spirits in just 60 seconds (yes, that's a lethal dose in one go)