The Jeremy Kyle Show Finally Does Something For The Good Of Humanity

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I’ve always thought Jeremy Kyle was a bit of a nasty bastard, baiting and humiliating the people who, for some bizarre reason, decide to go on his show.

I thought it was all a waste of time, until today.

Staff from the show informed authorities when two children left in their care by their parents, who were appearing as guests, showed signs of neglect.

They found the two kids were malnourished and unwashed, smelling strongly of urine and faeces. They were also unresponsive and appeared emotionally vacant, one of them even had bruises on their face.

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Police and social services visited the family’s home in Coventry the next day and found it cold and dirty, with clothes everywhere and faeces stains on the carpet.

The couple were arrested and the children put into foster care. Both of them are now with adoptive parents.

So Jeremy Kyle has finally proved his worth. Although it wasn’t actually him who alerted authorities so I will probably carry on disliking him.