The Justice League Finally Unite In New Trailer

Warner Bros.

On the one year anniversary of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice DC have finally dropped the first official Justice League trailer. 

Set just a few months after the events of Batman V Superman, Justice League sees Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), inspired by the death of Superman, hunting down a team of super powered heroes to protect the world.

Top of their list are three powerful heroes; the king of the Seven Seas Aquaman (Jason Momoa), a teen who’s more machine than man, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and of course the fastest man alive, Barry Allen better known as The Flash (Ezra Miller).

Check out the trailer here…

Bruce and Diana will have to work quick though as Steppenwolf and his army or Parademons are coming to Earth on the hut fo three powerful Mother Boxes and this time there’s no Superman to save the day this time.

Zack Snyder’s back in the director’s char as it obvious by the crazy over the top visuals that fans have come to expect from the stylish filmmaker.

Warner Bros.

The league aren’t the only ones set to appear however, Jeremy Irons and Amy Adams are both returning as Alfred and Lois Lane respectively. They’re also joined by an all star-cast including; Willem Dafoe, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Connie Nielsen and J. K. Simmons.

Justice League bursts into cinemas on November 17.