The Lad In The Hilarious Pot Noodle Advert Was Actually A Boxer

Liverpool Echo/Pot Noodle

In a surprise twist similar to the one in the advert itself, it turns out that the 17-year-old lad who dons a skimpy ring-boy outfit in the new Pot Noodle ad actually used to be a boxer himself!

Michael Moran, from Bootle, Merseyside, has become an internet sensation after he wore the tiny satin shorts in the ad and paraded around the ring holding up round/score cards – a role usually reserved for women.

The hilarious new advertisement shows the youngster dreaming of making his Las Vegas boxing debut, but now he’s revealed that he actually gave up his own boxing dreams in real-life to pursue an acting career.

And the attention he’s received after his first role in the viral sensation hasn’t phased Michael one bit.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Moran said:

It just went massive and there were so many people posting amazing comments about it. I had someone tag me in the video on Facebook and say ‘you stole the internet today buddy’ which was great. It just shot up from nowhere, I couldn’t believe how big it’s gone.

The advert was Michael’s first leading role and he’d previously trained as a boxer for eight months with Aintree ABC. But he made the switch to acting after signing up with Allstars Casting agency in Liverpool a year ago.

After two auditions in London, Michael landed the role and flew to Bucharest, in Romania, for two days of filming.

Pot Noodle/Liverpool Echo

The twist ending went down a storm with viewers and Michael says he wasn’t bothered about having to wear the revealing outfit for the big punchline at the end of the ad.

He added:

I was a bit shocked, but I wasn’t too bothered about the costume because I’m always up for a laugh. They produced the costume on the first day of filming and I realised how revealing it was but I just got on with it and made a joke of it. When someone asked me if I was going to keep it afterwards I said no, it wasn’t my colour. I’m more pink.

After becoming an internet sensation, Michael hopes his first role will open more doors for him in the industry. He’ll just be praying that he doesn’t get typecast!