The Last Of Us: American Daughters Secret Turns Up In Uncharted 4


Obviously Naughty Dog couldn’t resist throwing in an Easter egg for The Last of Us during Uncharted 4 – though this one might not exactly be what you were expecting. 

This tease can be found in the epilogue for Uncharted 4 – a perfect time to look to the future. I won’t be saying anything else about the epilogue other what can be found on this one board, so don’t worry.


As you can see, the image teases The Last of Us: American Daughters – but before you go ape shit about a sequel being confirmed, I should point out that it’s much more likely teasing a new comic book miniseries than it is a new game.

Sorry to break your heart this way, but if you look closely you’ll spot the Dark Horse logo in the corner.

Comic book aficionados will know Dark Horse are a publisher responsible for the likes of Hellboy, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and most notably in this instance, The Last of Us: American Dreams. 

maxresdefault (1)

Some fans have speculated that the pregnant woman in the image is actually Ellie in the future, but I’d point out that since she’s immune to the Cordyceps she’d have no need for a mask.

Far more likely is that Dark Horse are preparing a prequel focused on Ellie’s mum. We gather from the first game that she was a bit of a badass, and she could easily be pregnant with Ellie in the picture.

Then again, it could turn out to be a pregnant Joel. That’d throw us all, I’m sure.

So for now, we continue to stumble around like hungry Clickers waiting for some actual news on The Last of Us 2. Considering that Uncharted 3 actually hid a tease for the original Last of Us, I was certainly expecting something more to pop up in Uncharted 4. 

Or maybe there is something, and we just haven’t found it yet…

Stay patient and keep the faith, friends. Naughty Dog have said in the past that work on The Last of Us 2 will probably start sometime after Uncharted 4, so it’s definitely on its way.

In the meantime, you can find out what we thought of Uncharted 4 right here. Spoiler free, guaranteed.