The Lib Dems New Campaign Poster Is Truly The Stuff Of Nightmares


What’s more terrifying than Theresa May? The mysterious Nigel May of course.

What’s a Nigel May, I hear you ask. Well, Nigel May, or Theresa Farage, is the poster boy (or girl) for one of the most bizarre campaigns I’ve ever seen by a major political party, reports ITV News.

More specifically it’s the weathered smokey face of ale loving puppet master and occasional politician, Nigel Farage, superimposed onto the (ironically not strong nor stable) body of Theresa May.

Liberal Democrats

But just where did this nightmarish concoction come from? The Liberal Democrats of course.

The banner was unveiled by Lib Dem, Sir Vince Cable, at a rugby club in Twickenham where he called Mrs. May ‘ridiculous and damaging’ and slammed her ‘hand holding’ with The Donald.

He also explained:

She has adopted wholesale the Ukip package of hard extreme Brexit taking us out of the single market … with no preparation around science and the environment.

He’s [Nigel Farage] got every reason to be thrilled with what she is doing on Europe.

The issue we want to draw to your attention is the very closeness between the Conservatives and Ukip, particularly Mr Farage who has been such an inspiration to the Conservative leadership.


Vince added that in the upcomming snap election he believes there will be a significant improvement for the Lib Dems who were famously obliterated back in 2015.

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