The McCans Respond After Foul-Mouthed Marco Pierre White Jr Rant


Kate and Gerry McCann have branded Marco Pierre White Jr as ‘ignorant’ after he accused them of killing their daughter Madeleine.

The former Big Brother contestant, known for his controversial antics, launched into the couple on Twitter on Thursday.

Since the public accusations where Marco repeatedly called them ‘sick’, a spokesperson for the McCanns has responded.


Kate and Gerry’s spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said to The Sun:

Any right minded person will see his totally ignorant abuse for what it is.

Kate and Gerry will not be dignifying this foul-mouthed abuse with any other comment.

Marco, known for his love of partying, wrote on Twitter:

Kate and Gerry MacCann (sic) are fucking guilty sick motherfuckers defiantly killed there daughter look at $ they’ve made out of it in 10 years

He followed that with a message saying ‘Kate and Gerry macCann are fucking sick. Only one sentence for there actions: death penalty’.

Marco has responded to the McCanns’ assertions he is an ignorant abuser branding them as ‘sick’ again.

Despite numerous people on Twitter echoing Marco’s opinions, Kate and Gerry have never been charged with any offence in relation to Madeleine’s disappearance in May 2007.

The case was given another £85,000 to extend the police search for another six months.