The Melbourne Cup Looks Like Absolute Drunken Debauchery

by : UNILAD on : 02 Nov 2016 10:26

The Melbourne Cup is essentially any other day at the races on steroids – it’s insane partying at its best, and luckily, there are pictures to prove it.


Punters photographed at Australia’s most prestigious horse racing event went viral on Tuesday, making headlines in the U.S. as the ‘most drunken and depraved’ event in the Australian social calendar.

Predicted race-goers kept the official crowd at Flemington to 97,479, and those that did turn up created one hell of a party track side.


And while those in Melbourne may have had fun, unfortunately, international commentators didn’t see it all that way.


American sports site Deadspin said that based off the photos from the event, the Melbourne Cup makes America’s great race the Kentucky Derby look like tea and crumpets at Buckingham Palace.

Author Billy Haisley wrote: “It’s not until you see these photos of the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most drunken and depraved horse racing event, that you can really understand just how out of hand the whites can get.”


English cricketer Kevin Pietersen even said it was obvious the racing crowd at Royal Ascot’s annual carnival carried themselves with a little more civility.

He told thenewdaily.com.au: “Well I was at Royal Ascot a few years back and that I think was a little more civilised. This seems a bit looser.”

Looser indeed.


Victoria Police said nine people were arrested during the prestigious event, while a whopping 78 people were evicted from the race grounds.


Seven of the nine were arrested for being too drunk, one person for assault and one for trafficking drugs, according to a Victoria Police spokeswoman.

Sounds like an insanely good party if you ask me.

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